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Sep 23, 2011
Jun 2, 2024
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Users can utilize the Android device’s camera to scan documents with the help of the Mobile Doc Scanner MDScan + OCR Apk application.  It just takes two seconds for the Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR Apk program to identify writing on any kind of typewritten document. For other academic samples, however, it might require some time. It is quite simple for anyone to utilize the app. Therefore, students can utilize it to submit their work conveniently, especially in current pandemic-related online environment.

The document is save within the app. After then, these documents can be utilised as needed. The user’s device memory is used by the MDScan + OCR Apk for its resources. However, because the program MDScan + OCR Apk is compatible with Google Drive, the user can prevent their device’s memory from becoming full.

With MDScan + OCR Apk, users may even convert scanned documents into JPG or PDF files. Using their cloud servers or emails, users of the application can also share this media with their colleagues or post it on social media.

Benefical features of MDScan + OCR APK

Fast, automatic, and easy operation:

Mobile Doc Scanner MDScan + OCR APK stands out for its swift and automated functionality. Whether you possess handy document or not, the app promptly furnishes with a digital copy. Notably, its rapid response time significantly enhances its appeal. When dealing with typed documents, the application adeptly recognizes text within a mere 2 seconds, even accommodating specialized scholarly symbols accurately.

Handwritten Text Capture:

Encountering handwritten documents, particularly within educational contexts, is not uncommon. While these documents may seem challenging to digitize, the process is simplified with MDScan + OCR APK. By capturing a photo and initiating the scanning process, you can produce a clear and precise digital replica. Leveraging cutting-edge OCR technology, even handwritten manuscripts can be seamlessly converted into digital formats with commendable accuracy.

Efficient Organization and Storage: 

MDScan + OCR APK serves as an intermediary archiving tool, ensuring that all scanned documents are meticulously organized. Typically, these documents are categorized for easy retrieval, providing users with convenient access to older files if needed. However, it’s essential to note that this process utilizes the device’s memory resources, which can quickly become depleted with regular usage.

Memory Management Solution:

To alleviate the strain on your device’s internal memory, a practical solution is to transfer these files to cloud-based storage platforms. By uploading documents to services like Google Drive, you gain the assurance of perpetual storage. Additionally, MDScan + OCR APK is seamlessly integrated with various other cloud platforms, offering users a plethora of options for offloading their documents. 

Advanced Camera-Based Scanning: 

Document Scan enables swift conversion of physical documents into digital format. Automatic cropping and enhancement ensure that scanned documents boast clear, high-resolution text and images. Additionally, the program offers built-in perspective correction, facilitating scanning from various angles while maintaining the integrity of the document’s contents. This seamless process ensures that users can swiftly digitize any document, even while on the move.

Advanced OCR Capabilities: 

Document Scan incorporates advanced OCR scanning technology, empowering users to extract text from images, thereby rendering scanned documents editable and searchable across different applications. Furthermore, users have the convenience of adding their signatures directly onto documents, eliminating the need for printing or faxing. The MDScan + OCR APK offers features such as grayscale or black and white scanning, contrast adjustment, object removal, renaming, sharing, and direct saving to storage or cloud platforms.

Streamlined PDF Functionality: 

Document Scan streamlines document conversion and facilitates seamless interaction with PDF files. Users are provided with a dedicated list of PDF files for convenient access and management. Moreover, Document Scan offers flexible PDF interoperability, allowing users to scroll, zoom, add notes, and highlight important sections within documents, thereby enhancing productivity and facilitating efficient document management.

Advanced Document Conversion:

MDScan + OCR APK empowers users to convert crucial documents into digital format with utmost precision and ease. The application offers various advanced actions and features, simplifying the interaction with scanned documents and enhancing the overall user experience.

Multiple Languages: 
One can choose between languages using Mobile Doc Scanner MDScan + OCR APK, based on their personal preferences. It provides a variety of languages, including Arabic, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. This makes it simple to utilize in any language, regardless of topographical or geographic limitations.

 Improve low-quality pictures: 

Users of the Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR Apk program can convert low-quality photos into high-quality ones. It not only supports high-quality photos, but it also improves low-quality documents into ones of superior quality.

Latest features 

  • Camera scan
  • Image into PDF format
  • Edge detection and perspective correction
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Multi page document management
  • Enhance poor-quality images
  • Scan documents
  • Free Download
  • Easy to function
  • Upload document
  • Cloud storage
  • Premium Version
  • Multiple Languages
  • Update system
  • Free of Cost

How to install the MDScan + OCR APK?

  • To Get the “MDScan + OCR APK” download. 
  • Open the downloaded Apk.
  • Launch the Installer, then finish the procedure.
  • Allow it to Finish Installing on Your Android Device
  • Install the MDScan + OCR APK app to take advantage of limitless free resources.
Download MDScan + OCR APK


1: Is it easy to share documents through (MDScan) + OCR Apk app?

Yes! Mobile Doc Scanner + OCR Apk is very easy to use and share the documents with friends, family or colleagues.

2: Is the downloading of the Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR Apk files safe for the android system?

Yes! It is absolutely safe and virus free to download.


To sum up, MDScan + OCR APK represents the ultimate in productivity and ease of use for document scanning and management. Its  latest features, which take user experience to new heights, including automatic cropping, cloud integration, and optical character recognition technology. MDScan + OCR APK is a simplified solution for people looking to easily convert, organize, and retrieve their documents anytime, anywhere ,whether for personal or professional use.

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Download MDScan + OCR APK

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Download MDScan + OCR APK

  • To Get the “MDScan + OCR APK” download. 
  • Open the downloaded Apk.
  • Launch the Installer, then finish the procedure.
  • Allow it to Finish Installing on Your Android Device
  • Install the MDScan + OCR APK app to take advantage of limitless free resources.